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Jessica Thompson

Counsellor & Massage Therapist


I found sessions with Clara really helpful, positive and transformative. We worked towards integrating different parts that came for me, in what felt like a safe, nonjudgmental and professional space. 

Throughout the sessions I found Clara’s guidance very encouraging, empowering and refined, which helped me stay heart-centered and authentic to all parts of myself that came up. 

We worked through some quite deeply entrenched aspects in a short time. Overall the sessions really boosted my mood & empowerment and gave me some insights into projecting a

brighter more wholesome view of myself. 

Stacie Gombert

Breathwork Coach & Landscape Designer


I loved working with Clara. She provided a beautiful container for me to go deeper within myself and she was also very helpful in integrating plant medicine journeys. She was able to utilize many different techniques that were profoundly healing. Clara is incredibly wise and empathic and would be a huge asset to anyone looking to transform their lives.

Suelen Cesca

Interior Designer & Feng Shui

The integrated shamanic journey with Clara was one of the most profound and well-guided

healing experiences. Clara holds space very intuitively, creating a safe container that allows for the deep work to happen. I felt very comfortable and held throughout the entire process.

The integration piece supported me in unravelling and embracing the significance of my

journey. It brought much clarity, as I could talk and express the emotions that came up with

the visions. Clara is a great listener. This journey was a magical

and powerful experience for me. I recommend it to everyone who

wants to dive deeper into their inner work.

Clara Parati

Psychedelic Integration Specialist, Psychosynthesis & Shamanic Guide

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