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Soul Alchemy & Signature

Psychosynthesis coaching is a powerful tool to lay the foundations for self-integration

and purposeful living. Through this type of practice, we look into what wants to radiate from

the soul and what might stand in the way in order to heal, embrace your gifts,

reach long-term goals, and unfold your unique destiny.


Find what suits you best with a free call. All coaching packages are extendable. Zoom calls are up to 60 minutes long.


This package is suitable if you have previously worked with psychosynthesis and wish to deepen your experiential practice of it and your 'Soul Infusion'. During these months, you will get extra support for emotional healing, character building, personal empowerment, and psychospiritual exploration. In addition, we focus on your blueprint and expand further on your purpose and calling. 10 Zoom sessions over 5 months. Package 3 Format: ✧ 10 one-on-one sessions ✧ Post-session notes & psychosynthesis practice ✧ Psychospiritual Roadmap review and development ✧ In between sessions emails ✧ 2 Creative visualisations or shamanic drumming journeys ✧ A flexible plan that supports your specific needs

Package 3



Strengthen your connection with Source to create a growing sense of wholeness and move in the direction of your dreams. Here, you deepen your psychospiritual inquiry into new ways of being to cultivate resilience and embody the higher qualities of the 'Self'. 6 Zoom sessions over 3 months. Package 2 Format: ✧ Includes 6 one-on-one sessions ✧ Post-session notes & psychosynthesis practice ✧ Psychospiritual Roadmap of your goals and aspirations ✧ 1 Creative visualisation or shamanic drumming journey ✧ A flexible plan that supports your specific needs

Package 2



Embark on your transformative journey with psychosynthesis. This package is ideal if you are new to it and want to test it. We discuss your current situation and intentions for this work, mapping your trajectory and finding an entry point where you are. We look into what you wish to invite into your life and what limitations to overcome, empowering you through a more profound and compassionate understanding of yourself. 3 Zoom sessions over 70 days. Package 1 Format: ✧ Includes 3 one-on-one sessions ✧ Post-session notes & psychosynthesis practice

Package 1


Parts Work And The Higher Self

Call me to discuss your intentions. Start integrating key parts of the self to create harmony and live from the source within.

Harness Your Wisdom And Will

Deepen your self-integration process and finetune your frequency to move forward

Purpose Through Soul Infusion

Clear the channel for listening to the soul. Inviting: wellness, self-realisation, ongoing

growth, individual and collective purpose.

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