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Hi, I'm Clara Parati. I'm a certified integration specialist, a psychosynthesis

and shamanic coach, and an artist, passionate about working with people and

plant medicine to make a meaningful impact on the world.


I knew I was opening many boxes when I started exploring entheogens and consciousness, and wanted to dive deeper into what was emerging. Through integration, I began anchoring my experiences and reframing my mindset. Having a compassionate sounding board for my psychospiritual work helped me uproot the cause of an auto-immune condition that caused me physical and emotional distress for decades. It's a process that's unfolding every day. Integration became key to how I grew and a call to service. As a result, I trained in the field to hold others through their self-discovery, get to the heart of an issue to reconcile different parts of the self, and find purpose in the shadow to thrive. In addition, I support those who wish to integrate psychedelics by exploring their creative expression and combining psychology with shamanic techniques. My practice is here to help you expand your toolkit for life and cultivate your truth and talents from your inner core.


My transpersonal integration practice bridges psychosynthesis and coaching with

ancient shamanic modalities. It is a heart-focused approach that connects you with the

deeper 'Self' to invite new ways of being and align with a higher calling.


Psychedelic Integration Specialist

Certified, Being True To You Network

Psychosynthesis Accredited Coach

CCE Approved, Psychospiritual Institute


Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner

QHHT, L1 Training, Dolores Cannon


Shamanic Medicine Practitioner

IPHM Accredited, Medicine Wheel


Sacred Space Holder & Visual Artist

Sacred Music - Visual Effects - IMDb

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