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Maximising The Benefits

Our sessions provide a safe space to explore the deeper significance of your psychedelic

experience as a catalyst for positive change. We prepare for your journeys and examine emotional

responses, spirit messages, innate gifts and the deep psyche. We create a soul-driven plan

to dissolve inner barriers and accelerate your growth.


Find what suits you best with a free call. All coaching packages are extendable. Zoom calls are up to 60 minutes long.


This is where you can try integration and develop your personal practice around it. This package is ideal if you are new to the process and want to test it. We discuss what drives you and prepare for the upcoming journey to have a safe and transformative experience. We look into intention-setting, harm reduction, and navigation skills. After the ceremony, we unpack your psychedelic material to make sense of challenging and powerful moments and draw a roadmap for your integration. 3 Zoom sessions over 70 days. Package 1 Format: ✧ Includes 3 one-on-one sessions ✧ Post-session notes & integration practice

Package 1


Deepen your inquiry to unravel old patterns of behaviour and connect with your higher self. Suitable if you already have some experience with psychedelic integration and wish to take your healing further. We keep integrating both shadow and light aspects and building on your breakthroughs. Here, you can further develop your unique roadmap to propel you towards your life goals and psychospiritual growth. 6 Zoom sessions over 3 months. Package 2 Format: ✧ Includes 6 one-on-one sessions ✧ Post-session notes & integration practice ✧ Psychospiritual Roadmap of your goals and aspirations ✧ 1 Creative visualisation or shamanic drumming journey ✧ A flexible plan that supports your specific needs

Package 2



This package allows you to reach new depths of consciousness and significantly shift your worldview. It's for experienced psychonauts seeking profound transformation. During these months, you will get extra support for emotional healing, character building, personal empowerment, and psychospiritual exploration. In addition, we focus on your blueprint and expand further on your purpose and calling. 10 Zoom sessions over 5 months. Package 3 Format: ✧ 10 one-on-one sessions ✧ Post-session notes & integration practice ✧ Psychospiritual Roadmap review and development ✧ In between sessions emails ✧ 2 Creative visualisations or shamanic drumming journeys ✧ A flexible plan that supports your specific needs

Package 3


Preparation And Orientation

Call me to connect. Assess readiness, suitability, and the best way of getting started.

Mapping: discuss set and setting, goals, intentions, aspirations & navigation skills.

Post Ceremony Integration

Integrate the experience and the teachings. Methods: psychosynthesis, parts work,

repatterning, active imagination, transpersonal tools, shamanism & more.

Long Term Transformation

Develop an ongoing practice to anchor your insights and keep growing into your purpose.

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