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We meet monthly in North West London for our spiritual workshops and circles.

Message me to book an event and get the full details.




October 8th ∙ 2pm to 5pm PSYCHEDELIC INTEGRATION Join our circle to integrate your psychedelic journeys, share your story, and harness positive change. Together, we explore a significant aspect of your experience and invite you to: ​✧ CONNECT To your Shamanic Self Guidance ✧ JOURNAL On key points, teachings, insights ✧ INTEGRATE With Psychosynthesis Coaching ​Exchange £50 ∙ Early bird £35 Deposit £25 ∙ Limited space West Hampstead Private Venue


February 4th ∙ 2pm to 6pm JOURNEY SOUTH WITH SERPENT We invite you to join us in sacred space to journey with the Serpent's energy, invoking the south direction of the medicine wheel to call for transformation and rebirth. This four-hour workshop will give you a chance to immerse yourself deeply in your experience and: ✧ TAP INTO Your Natural Shamanic Abilities ​ ✧ MEET Serpent & Her Earth Teachings ​ ✧ INTEGRATE Your Journey & Spirit Messages There will be an introduction to navigating shamanic trance states with the serpent archetype, followed by drumming, guidance, and channeled melodies to accompany you on your journey. We will then have a sharing circle for reflection & deeper integration. THERE IS NO PLANT MEDICINE CONSUMPTION IN THIS PRACITCE. ​Exchange £50 ∙ Early bird £35 Deposit £25 ∙ Limited space West Hampstead Private Venue






Date To Be Announced CREATIVE SOUL INFUSION Unlock your unique gifts and illuminate your path to purpose with psychosynthesis. Dive into experiential practices and transpersonal exercises to connect with your higher calling. We will start with a creative visualisation, followed by an in-depth exploration of your passions, talents, aspirations, values, and truths. You will be invited to: ​✧ CALL IN Your Soul's Inner Knowing ​✧ ALIGN With Your Innate Blueprint ​✧ IDENTIFY Your Next Actionable Step MORE DETAILS COMING SOON

Clara Parati

Psychedelic Integration Specialist, Psychosynthesis & Shamanic Guide

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