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Awaken Your Inner Compass

Shamanic journeying allows you to transcend the mind and tap into the fabric of

your very being. Combined with integration, it provides a key transformational practice

to harness your spiritual guidance and orient towards wellbeing and purpose.

Integrated Shamanic Journey


We journey through the Q'ero Medicine Wheel and its ancient energy grid to commune with different animal archetypes and healing frequencies across the four directions. I begin by opening sacred space and creating a ceremonial container to ensure a clear and safe passage along the wheel. We'll connect with our intentions and dive deeply into the experience. As you lay down, there will be repetitive drumming, a guided piece to get to your spirit animal and return, and sacred icaros to accompany your journey. We will then take our time to ground and have in-depth integration. THERE IS NO PLANT MEDICINE CONSUMPTION IN THIS PRACTICE. This offering takes place over Zoom or in person, depending on location. It can be added to the integration and psychosynthesis packages or booked as a stand-alone session of two hours. Contact me for a free discovery call to learn more about journeying into the world of Andean cosmology.


Orientation And Preparation

Call me to inquire about this shamanic practice. Set intentions and discuss navigation skills.  Prepare your body, mind, and soul to journey.

Journey Through The Wheel

Tune into one direction of the medicine wheel and open to spirit. Immerse yourself with: Drumming, Guided Imagery, Sacred Sound.

Integrate Your Downloads

Return, ground and explore what emerged and how it can support you on your path.

Shamanic Trance Offeings
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